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Cathedral Beach, Spain

#239 Cathedral Beach, Spain

Cathedral Beach on the North Coast of Spain is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of natural sea arches, with about half a dozen in less than a few hundred yards.

Sea Arches at sunrise, Cathedral Beach, Spain photographed by Tom Till

The best time to shoot the area is in the summer because the arches mostly occur on a north facing wall, and low tide is essential, but fall and winter can be good due to the lack of people since the whole area is very crowded in summer.

Sea Arch at dawn, Spain photographed by Tom Till

Wide angle lenses are necessary here, because the arches, though large, are in a fairly tight area, and one of the things that makes this place so great is that you can get up to four arches in one shot. Really, there is no place like it, and more proof of the little known wonders of the Spanish landscape.

Cathedral Beach, Galacia, Spain photographed by Tom Till

The Beach is well signed and easy to find, and there is excellent lodging and food nearby.

Sea Arch reflection, Cathedral Beach, Spain photographed by Tom Till


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