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The Etretat Cliffs and Normandy Coast, France

#251 The Etretat Cliffs and Normandy Coast, France

The often stormy Normandy Coast, has, of course, its place in history. Anyone visiting the Normandy Beaches and cemeteries cannot help but be moved greatly by the remembrances of war there. My father was based in Britain but was not sent over for the invasion, otherwise I might not be writing this now. Like the English cliffs across the channel, the French ones nearby have great sea stacks, sea arches, and quaint villages. Since the cliffs face mainly North, summer is the best time for lighting, although this is a place of frequent clouds and rain.

Sea Arch, White cliffs of Etretat, France photographed by Tom Till

At low tide, it’s possible to walk under the arch closest to town and get images of it reflected in tidal pools, but there are actually three spans in the vicinity. Images from the cliffs above are also possible with the thinnest arch and a pointed tower next to it.

Seastack,  Normandy Cliffs, White Cliffs, Etretat, France photographed by Tom Till

Shooting these off-white subjects at sunrise or sunset would be the best. The white shadows also might give you some good blues.

Sea arch, White Cliffs of Etretat, France photographed by Tom Till

The nearby town of Honfleur is a delightful seaside subject. Although the buildings are cute, they are not too colorful, but a range of nice hues can be found in the boats and flowers in the harbor.

Honfleur Harbor, Normandy, France photographed by Tom Till


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