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The Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia

#255 The Empty Quarter, Oman, Saudi Arabia

Yes, I am a desert guy, and this list reflects that obsession. This post, as we count up to 301, highlights one of the largest wilderness areas on the planet outside of Antarctica. People live only on its outskirts, and the Rub’ al Khali, as it is known in the region, wasn’t crossed by outside explorer until the 1950’s.

Dunes, Empty Quarter, Oman, Saudi Arabia photographed by Tom Till

I visited the area from the Oman side. A nearby settlement and oasis was quite impressive as a huge gusher of water flowed out onto the sands, with no clue as to where it was coming from. My impression of the place was that it was the most peaceful and quiet environment I had ever visited.

Geodes, Desert, Rub' Al  Khali, Arabian Peninsula photographed by Tom Till

I would love to take a drone there (the new ones are very quiet) to capture the incredible patterns of the dunes from above. The barchan dunes there are exquisitely beautiful, and I can picture an aerial view of the crescent shapes marching off to infinity in all directions.

Sand dunes, desert, Oman, Saudi Arabia photographed by Tom Till


Where will Tom head next? Check back next Friday to find out.








  1. Laurel Curtis

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful places you visit! Most of us will never see them in person and we are richer for your art.

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