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The Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

#232 The Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

With endless hiking trails, thousands of rock art panels, the Blyde River Canyon, and the world’s second highest waterfall, the Drakensberg Range is a place of stunning beauty. I have only explored the outskirts of these mountains, but with time and the urge to explore, a wide range of spectacular imagery awaits. The escarpment is […]

Lake Superior, USA

#230 Lake Superior, USA

Since I’m a native Mid-Westerner, I often visit the area to see family and since Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and other less photographed states were mostly overlooked by other professional landscape shooters of the day, I often worked in these states. Maybe someday I’ll be able to add something from my home state of […]

Banaue Rice Terraces, The Philippines

#231 Banaue Rice Terraces, The Philippines

A World Heritage Site, these ancient rice terraces were damaged somewhat during a earthquake a few years ago, but are almost rebuilt. An eight hour drive from Manilla, the area has a nice hotel, and many of the terraces are easily accessible. A few, like the most famous fields at Batad, require a hike to […]

Ephesus, Turkey

#229 Ephesus, Turkey

I often say the best Greek ruins are not in Greece, but in other countries like Italy and Turkey. Ephesus, famous from biblical history (Book of Revelation and Acts), is a great example, with the remains of a town, the famous Library of Celsus and a massive theater that can seat 25,000 people. It’s one […]

The Flysch, Spain

#228 The Flysch, Spain

This area along Spain’s northern coast has amazingly flown under the radar of photographers, but it is a true natural wonder. It reaches its peak at Zumaia Beach, part of a UNESCO Geopark. An excellent hotel sits right above the amazing formations which are somewhat like The Wave in Arizona but on steroids. These sedimentary […]

Cartagena, Colombia

#226 Cartagena, Colombia

My first suggestion for Cartagena is to be on a cruise ship or boat entering the city at dawn since Cartagena has one of the most amazing city vistas in the world, and makes for a great panoramic shot. After that, head for the old town of the city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage […]

Lighthouses of Maine

#225 Lighthouses of Maine

Lighthouses are scenic in their coastal niches, symbolic of earlier times, and beacons for hope and deliverance from mortal danger. As photo subjects, they are in constant demand and allow me to visit some of the most scenic coastal areas of America and the world. Certainly Maine has a number of the best anywhere, and […]

The Enchanted Forest, Spain

#224 The Enchanted Forest, Spain

When I wrote my original bucket list book “Photographing the World” a few years ago (available from the Tom Till Gallery Website), I definitely short changed Spain. I hadn’t been there a lot, and hadn’t seen evidence of a lot of great landscapes there. After a recent visit, I’m ready to correct this slight, starting […]

#223 Canadian Maritimes

#223 Canadian Maritimes

I featured Peggy’s Cove in my book “Photographing the World,” but here I’m including other sites in the Canadian Maritimes, namely New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. New Brunswick is very New Englandesque, right down to the covered bridges and great lobster. The Bay of Fundy is a good place to start with […]