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River Canyon Bends of the Southwest

#212 River Canyon Bends of the Southwest

In recent years photographers have begun to be very interested in the twists and turns of the rivers of the Southwest. One photographer even does a tour which visits several of these big river bends. I’ve always found these places captivating and wonderfully photographable, and I’ve created a list of the some of the best […]

Portuguese Sea Caves & Arches

#210 Portugal Coast Sea Caves & Arches

The Algarve is the name of this beautiful and lesser known Portuguese coastline that features one of the world’s most amazing sea caves and several stunning sea arches. First, avoiding this area in summer or on weekends is a great idea. I went in late September and found it mostly deserted, with excellent food and […]

Chichen Itza

#209 Chichen Itza, Mexico

I had wanted to photograph this most beautiful of Mexican Mayan pyramids for decades, but getting a permit to take my 4×5 camera in, or having access to the site during magic hours seemed impossible to accomplish. The Mexican government has always had draconian rules about “professional” photographers entering their archeological sites, and my giant […]