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The Mississippi River, U.S.A.

#253 The Mississippi River, U.S.A., Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post of the Missouri/Mississippi River system, I will focus here on great vistas and photo opportunities along the Mighty Mississippi. The river is also home to a number of sites including ancient Native American cities and structures. Several great view points of the Mississippi can be found in the state where […]

The Etretat Cliffs and Normandy Coast, France

#251 The Etretat Cliffs and Normandy Coast, France

The often stormy Normandy Coast, has, of course, its place in history. Anyone visiting the Normandy Beaches and cemeteries cannot help but be moved greatly by the remembrances of war there. My father was based in Britain but was not sent over for the invasion, otherwise I might not be writing this now. Like the […]

#250 Fish River Canyon National Park, Namibia

#250 Fish River Canyon National Park, Namibia

Often called the Grand Canyon of Africa, Fish River Canyon is indeed a deep gorge, and could probably be the deepest such feature in Africa. It is in no way comparable to our own Grand Canyon in size or beauty, but is still a very interesting landform. Several roads lead to the rim in Southern […]

#249 ABC Islands

#249 ABC Islands, Caribbean

The ABC islands in the Southern Caribbean, are most famous for Aruba, the “A,” but the “B” island, Bonaire, and “C,” Curacao, are also beautiful. I’ve only been on the beaches of Bonaire, which are stunning, but Aruba and Curacao have some other photogenic subjects. If you are planning on visiting the Caribbean, you are […]

#248 Raplee Anticline, Utah

#248 Raplee Anticline, Southeastern Utah

I was among the first photographers to shoot some of the locations on this 301 Landscapes to Photograph Before You Die list, including Antelope Canyon, the Subway, False Kiva and others, and including this location in the Southeastern part of Utah along the San Juan River and close to Mexican Hat. My friend Steve Brownell […]

Gissar Deserts and Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

#247 Gissar Deserts and Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

Tajikistan offers several drives through its stunning mountains, which are sometimes called “The Rooftop of the World.” Along with The Himalayas and the Tibet area these mountains comprise the High-Mountain Asia region which would take a lifetime to even begin to explore. A day-trip from Dushanbe to Panjakent gives a beautiful taste of this area. […]

Clifden, Ireland

#246 Clifden, Ireland

My image of Clifden was considered so iconic that one calendar publisher used it as the cover of their Ireland calendar six years in a row. With the Ten Pins Mountains beyond, and seen from a ridge where the church spire points to the beautiful Irish sky, it was a very lucky shot indeed. The […]

Al Balad, Saudi Arabia

#244 Al Balad, old town Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A UNESCO World Heritage site in the center of the coastal town of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is a colorful look at historical Saudi city life. I think if Saudi Arabia opened itself more to tourism, photographers would find it has world class landscape, nature, and historical sites galore. I’ve also included some desert images […]

Farmington, New Mexico

#243 Farmington, New Mexico & Vicinity

I hesitate to publicize one of my favorite get away from Moab places that is not on many photographers radar, but here it goes… Though not known as an outdoors or photography hot spot, Farmington, New Mexico has everything except hordes of tourists. These wonders include a whole panoply of natural arches, amazing ruins, including […]