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This UNESCO site features a bay surrounded by mountains on four sides and by the small city of Kotor on the west side.  Some locations in the area were used in shooting the 2006 James Bond, Casino Royale – such as this scene. The best view features a small watchtower reached by steps that climb the western […]

Kaieteur Falls

#202 Kaieteur Falls National Park, Guyana

The whole experience of visiting and shooting the amazing Kaieteur Falls is unmatched. It is in a wilderness setting, far from civilization. Though it can be reached by boat at certain times of year, arriving and departing by small plane is usually the best idea. Except for a few large mining areas, the Guyana jungle […]



Probably the best outdoor photo subject in Macedonia, the ancient city of Stobi, is little known, but offers a lot. Located in the center of the small country along the main E75 thoroughfare, the opening hours are not too conducive to photography, so visiting outside the summer season gives you more chances to catch some […]

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