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Yellow River, China

#263 Yellow River, China

The Yellow River in China, one of the World’s longest, has some affinity to me.  Most of its huge and colorful sediment load is loess, a soil I grew up around in the loess hills of Iowa. My family, going back generations, have lived, farmed, practiced law and were educators in these hills near the […]

Northern Thailand

#262 Northern Thailand

Southern Thailand -with its amazing beaches and rock formations- gets much of the photographer attention in the country, but the North, which I’ve visited several times, has many great photographic draws: temples, waterfalls, rock formations and the Mekong River.  Ayuthaya Historical Park, just north of Bangkok, has beautiful temples which glow at sunset and is […]

Cook Inlet, Australia

#261 Cook Inlet, Australia

Perhaps one of the most spectacular aerial photography subjects in Australia, or anywhere, is the amazing Cook Inlet, a series of tidal sandbars and patterned channels near the Great Barrier Reef resort of Hamilton Island.  The Island is a good base for exploring the Reef itself, while it still exists, and getting a fixed wing or […]


#260 Romania

I did a fairly short trip in Romania, but hit several spots that I think are World class.  I recommend a guide, and I think driving in Romania, although the roads are quite good, might be difficult.  I was glad I wasn’t at the wheel most of the time. Like many of the former Soviet […]

Rock Art of Africa

#259 Rock Art of Africa

Rock art is found in almost every state in America and almost every country throughout the world, but the Southwest United States, Australia, and Africa are particularly rich in sites. In Nambia, I was told that a nearby mountain had 20,000 panels, most of them not recorded or photographed. The easiest countries in Africa to […]

The Faroe Islands

#257 The Faroe Islands

Close to Iceland and Scotland, the Faroe Islands are a group of beautiful far north pearls in the North Atlantic. A number of flights a day reach the area, which only has 50,000 residents. Bring money, as the Faroes are mostly associated with Denmark and Denmark prices are high. A car is very expensive but […]

The Empty Quarter, Saudi Arabia

#255 The Empty Quarter, Oman, Saudi Arabia

Yes, I am a desert guy, and this list reflects that obsession. This post, as we count up to 301, highlights one of the largest wilderness areas on the planet outside of Antarctica. People live only on its outskirts, and the Rub’ al Khali, as it is known in the region, wasn’t crossed by outside […]

Nitmiluk National Park, Australia

#254 Nitmiluk National Park, Australia

This park of canyons, waterfalls, and ancient rock art is at the very top of Australia’s Northern Territory. Access is by hiking, boating through “gorges,” and helicopter. I was lucky to visit after a very active wet season. There are only two seasons here, wet and dry, and there were many waterfalls flowing dramatically from […]