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Amalfi Coast, Italy

#214 The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italians know how to live; this is well-known. Every trip to Italy is a lesson in the important things in life: love, food, beauty, and family. Every region has its charms and beautiful photo ops. The Amalfi Coast south of Naples, is one such gorgeous region. Stevie Nicks has written a fabulous song about it […]

Sunken Forest, Kazakhstan

#213 The Sunken Forest, Kazakhstan

This great photo location is situated in Lake Kaindy in the Kolsai Lakes National Park, Located about 129 kilometers from the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, which is the major transportation hub for most of Central Asia. In 1911, an earthquake caused a landslide that closed off one end of a river creating the blue-green lake […]

River Canyon Bends of the Southwest

#212 River Canyon Bends of the Southwest

In recent years photographers have begun to be very interested in the twists and turns of the rivers of the Southwest. One photographer even does a tour which visits several of these big river bends. I’ve always found these places captivating and wonderfully photographable, and I’ve created a list of the some of the best […]

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